Canadian Used as Poster Child for Jihad in the New Release of Dabiq Magazine by ISIS

Author: Jeff R. Weyers,

Dabiq Issue 2

Dabiq Issue 2 Spread

The July 28th release of Dabiq Magazine by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) features a number of foreign fighters killed in battle including Canadian Andre Poulin. Where as the first issue of Dabiq appeared to focus on the establishment of the Islamic State and its legitimacy, this issue appears to focus on its accomplishments and next steps. The magazine issued by ALHAYAT media center is just the latest in a well organized advertising campaign by the Islamic State.

Dabiq Issue 2 Andre Poulin

Andre Poulin a native of Timmins, Ontario, Canada, has been used in numerous promotional materials by ISIS in their recruitment efforts. The group has placed him on their social media platforms, recruitment videos and now their flagship magazine. For ISIS Poulin represents a key target audience that they have been slowly building throughout western countries.

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