What is iBRABO?  We are an Open Source Intelligence research group located in Waterloo, Ontario and Manchester, UK.


As an organization iBRABO’s research interests include Conflict Monitoring, OSINT, Terrorist Social Networks and methods for Identifying Persons at Risk for Recruitment to Violent Extremism.  Through our positive use of the Identifying Vulnerable Persons (IVP) to Violent Extremism tool we have had the opportunity to both educate and demonstrates methods for identify persons at risk of recruitment around the world. To learn more please contact us.



Jeff R. Weyers               Email: Brabo.Co@gmail.com

A PhD student in the Tactical Decision Making Research Unit at the University of Liverpool. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Intelligence and Security Studies from the University of Ottawa, a Diploma in Law and Security Administration from Conestoga College, a B.A. in Psychology and Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University and finally a M.Sc. in Investigative Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

Jeff has trained in the areas of Anti-Terrorism Training, Intelligence and Security, Major Case Investigations, Major Case Management, Internet and OSINT Investigations, and Interviewing and Interrogation. Jeff is currently studying the risk assessment of terrorist groups and individuals and terrorist social networks.

Jeff has consulted with numerous agencies on identifying individuals vulnerable to violent extremism as well as using social media in intelligence gathering and investigations. As a result he has received numerous commendations for his work in diverting persons from violent extremism.

Specialties: Terrorist Social Networks, Open Source Intelligence, and the Assessment of Extremist Groups and Individuals.

Jon Cole, PhD              Email: jon.cole@liv.ac.uk

Jon did his PhD on the psychopharmacology of animal defensive behaviour as a model of human anxiety. He subsequently worked on the temporal psychophysiology of aggression and territorial defence in animals. From this foundation he then focused on the impact of social stress (aggression and dominance hierarchies) on drug and alcohol consumption. Expanding this work out of the laboratory into the real world, Jon has also worked on the long-term cognitive impacts of stress and controlled drug use. Returning to his roots in experimental aggression research Jon began working on the simulated armed confrontation as a novel method of studying human defensive behaviour.

Jon has been working on prevention for many years. He is co-author of Martyrdom: Radicalisation and terrorist violence among British Muslims. The Identifying Vulnerable People (IVP) Guidance was developed for the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism from that initial research in 2008/9. Since then he has been researching online radicalisation and how violent extremist groups and individuals use the internet, in particular social media. During this work numerous examples of criminality were identified and decisions made with help of the IVP guidance resulting in successful criminal proceedings with a range of different violent extremist groups present in different communities in multiple countries. As a result multiple international organisations are now utilising the IVP to help them identify individuals who are vulnerable to recruitment into violent extremism.

Specialties:  Conflict psychology, Temporal Psychology, Decision Making, and Prevention Science.

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