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Toronto Jane: The First Woman to be Documented on the Front Lines with ISIS

Authors Jeff R. Weyers and Mubin Shaikh

The first case of a female on the Islamic State (ISIS) front lines has been documented. A Canadian woman has been tracked through every ISIS stronghold in Syria and Iraq over the past month via her cell phone location services and corresponding tweets.  Western women traveling to the Islamic State is nothing new, but up until this development, females have only taken a supportive role to the cadre. It appears on the surface that the role of women in the Islamic State battlefield may be evolving. There is evidence from the locations of this woman that coincide with local Islamic State gains, which suggests that she may be involved in reconnaissance on behalf of the Caliphate.

While surveilling ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, TRAC analyst Jeff R. Weyers observed another social media account of a Western ISIS supporter that led directly to a female operative in Toronto. Dubbed “L.A.,” based on her Twitter handle, she was actively moving about in Toronto and broadcasting her location until the 23rd of November 2014. At that point, she disappeared and was not seen again until her Android phone began broadcasting on the 8th of December from Ar Raqqah, Syria.

Unlike the typical “domestic” role that is described by many females who have traveled to that ash Sham to become a Mujihida, “L.A.” appears to take a very active role within ISIS. Examining her Twitter geo-location track, “L.A.” has traveled on numerous occasions to virtually every major city that ISIS controls. To put this into perspective, L.A. has traveled across more ISIS controlled territory than any other ISIS operative we have monitored; which brings up the following intriguing questions:

  • Why is ISIS breaking protocol by allowing a woman on the battlefront?
  • Why is ISIS so interested in an Canadian, female operative?
  • And finally, who is escorting her through her travels?

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Islamic State Launches Dabiq Magazine and “We Are All Islamic State” Campaign on Facebook

Author Jeff R. Weyers, IBRABO

The Relaunch of the “We Are All Islamic State” Campaign

Just when it appeared that Facebook was beginning to get the upper hand on limiting ISIS content, ISIS has demonstrated that it has far from given up on the social media platform. In the last 24 hours ISIS has restarted its successful “We are all ISIS” campaign, relaunching it with its new name “We are all Islamic State”. Much like the Bilad al Shaam sites that ISIS rebuilt almost 100 times, the original ISIS campaign called “We are all ISIS” also was reiterated dozens of times by ISIS just prior to their changing names to the “Islamic State”.  If the past repeats itself we are likely to see ISIS maintain this current campaign for an equally long duration.

We Are All Islamic State Facebook Page

“We Are All Islamic State” Facebook Page

The Launch of Dabiq Magazine on Facebook

An examination of ISIS supporters also identified that AlHayat Media has launched ISIS’s Dabiq Magazine on Facebook in the last month. The site provides links to all of their previous magazine in addition to their newest magazine titled, The Failed Crusade. As has been the trend with ISIS they have distributed the magazine via which continues to be a popular medium for ISIS to distribute its content.

Dabiq Magazine Issue 4

Dabiq Magazine Issue 4

Growth in Support of ISIS in Southeast Asia

Following a trend that has been observed for the last several months in the demographics represented by ISIS followers, one of the largest growing areas of support for ISIS continues to be Southeast Asia including, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. This trend has been well represented in social media as can be seen in the many pages targeting support in these areas (see examples below).

ISIS in Indonesia and the Philippines

ISIS in Indonesia and the Philippines

As ISIS’s capability continues to grow in Iraq and Syria, the very real possibility that their influence will extend beyond this region is a scenario that quickly appears to be materializing. No doubt this will pose immediate concerns for governments and intelligence agencies tasked with preventing broader regional destabilization and terrorist attacks.

Canadian Used as Poster Child for Jihad in the New Release of Dabiq Magazine by ISIS

Author: Jeff R. Weyers,

Dabiq Issue 2

Dabiq Issue 2 Spread

The July 28th release of Dabiq Magazine by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) features a number of foreign fighters killed in battle including Canadian Andre Poulin. Where as the first issue of Dabiq appeared to focus on the establishment of the Islamic State and its legitimacy, this issue appears to focus on its accomplishments and next steps. The magazine issued by ALHAYAT media center is just the latest in a well organized advertising campaign by the Islamic State.

Dabiq Issue 2 Andre Poulin

Andre Poulin a native of Timmins, Ontario, Canada, has been used in numerous promotional materials by ISIS in their recruitment efforts. The group has placed him on their social media platforms, recruitment videos and now their flagship magazine. For ISIS Poulin represents a key target audience that they have been slowly building throughout western countries.