Understanding the Psychology of ISIS

Identifying ISIL Support Populations and Persons Vulnerable to Recruitment

iBRABO is proud to announce the acceptance and publication of Jeff Weyers’ article, “Identifying ISIL Support Populations and Persons Vulnerable to Recruitment” in todays white paper release by the Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT). The “Multi-Method Assessment of ISIL” involved 80  internationally recognized experts in assisting the SOCCENT in its understanding of ISIL (ISIS).

In response to a request by MG Michael Nagata (US Army, Commander, SOCCENT, Director CJIATF), SMA conducted a short term effort from July-October 2014 to address the question: “What makes ISIL so magnetic, inspirational, and deeply resonant with a specific, but large, portion of the Islamic population allowing it to draw recruitment of foreign fighters, money and weapons, advocacy, general popularity, and finally support from other groups such as Boko Haram, several North African Extremist Groups, and other members of the Regional and International Sunni Extremist organizations?” The articles in this paper summarize work performed by numerous government agencies, academics, think tanks, and industry to understand ISIL’s appeal. These studies collectively attempted to understand the psychological, ideological, narrative, organizational, leadership, emotional, cultural and inspirational
(“intangible”) nature of ISIL.

The project included the development of an overall (Evolution & Longevity) framework to synthesize the qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches for discerning the appeal of ISIL. In the process, interviews were conducted with over 50 SMEs from across the globe to gain insights into the core questions being asked. The effort brought together different perspectives, disciplines, methodologies, and analytic approaches and sources to uncover real and apparent consistencies and inconsistencies among them and to identify how the individual pieces combine to provide a clearer picture of ISIL’s appeal.

A copy of the Multi-Methods Assessment of ISIL can be found here: U_SMA SOCCENT White Paper Final Dec2014

The effort by SOCCENT was recently featured in the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/29/us/politics/in-battle-to-defang-isis-us-targets-its-psychology-.html)

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